Friday 18 May 2012

Whisky stopper testing

A famous Scottish whisky maker uses a specially designed, dual-function Mecmesin tester to measure the forces required to remove and reinsert a whisky bottle stopper. The Mecmesin device has been specifically configured to provide a combination of simultaneous pull/push and twist (compression/tensile and torque) forces to emulate the natural human movements involved in stopper removal and insertion. Testing stopper torque and force reassures the whisky maker that their product is unlikely to be compromised by inferior packaging. The test ensures that separation of the bar top and cork portion of the stopper does not occur, and that the cork portion will tolerate the torque and compressive/ tensile stresses it will experience during extraction and insertion. Data from the two tests, which occur concurrently, is exported to a PC, on which graphing and deep analysis can be performed.

Failure to test for stopper quality would likely result in broken stoppers that spill cork chips into the whisky, spoiling the product and damaging the company’s prestige. Since the company’s best selling lines include $1000 bottles of whisky, they rightfully take quality-assurance very seriously, and have chosen a custom-adapted MultiTest 2.5-i to assist them. Find the full story here.

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