Wednesday 21 March 2012

New videos from Mecmesin

Two new videos have been posted on Mecmesin's web-site

A car steering rack transfers the turning effort from the steering wheel to move the road wheels left or right. The new video "Testing car steering rack" shows how the MultiTest 25-i force testing stand was used by a car manufacturer to test the force needed to move the steering rack from fully right to fully left.  The MultiTest 25-i stand is controlled by Emperor software to move the rack backwards and forwards, and also collects the force data, presenting it as a graph displaying the peak and average force needed to operate the rack.

Follow this link to see the video

The second video show the Vortex-i in action testing some torsion springs for quality control purposes.  Special two-part mandrels have been made for each type of spring to be tested.  Emperor torque software controls the Vortex-i which is programed to rotate the springs to a fixed point and measure the torque at two specified angles.  For each type of spring upper and lower torque limits are set, and Emperor software shows if the sample has passed or failed.

Follow this link to see the video