Wednesday 17 July 2013

Orbis product video



Orbis is our manually operated torque tester with digital display.  Being battery powered you can use it anywhere you need an accurate measurement of clockwise or anti-clockwise torque.  To see what the Orbis could do for you, follow the link to Mecmesin TV where you can find a short video.


Making the right connections


"Simply attach line A to terminal B...."  Connecting electrical contacts is not exactly rocket science is it?   But how easily do they go together?  And once they are fitted together, how easily do they come apart when needed, or do they fall apart just when you didn't want them to.

If you make electrical connectors, or use large numbers of them in critical applications, you would want to know how the connectors fit together.  To help, there are some international standards concerned with the maximum and minimum forces involved to ensure correct, reliable performance.

Mecmesin offer a system that can measure the insertion and withdrawal forces in accordance with the international standards, and tell you if the batch of connectors is good or bad.  One less thing to worry about.

We have a short video that shows the system in operation, you can see it and our other videos on Mecmesin TV at:

New video on the MultiTest-i

Follow this link to see a new video on the  MultiTest-i, our top of the range computer controlled force testing system.  At the heart if the system is the powerful Emperor software which controls the movement of the stand, collects and stores the data, and performs any calculations needed.

The link will take you to Mecmesin TV where you see all our other videos