Thursday 16 December 2010

Mecmesin's run of new force testers

Mecmesin continues to innovate and create new products in the world of force and torque measurement.

Take a look at some of the products just launched or coming soon to help you make the most of your quality control testing.


A production floor force tester controlled via a touch screen interface.
The challenge was to produce a force tester that could be used by production floor staff with minimal training, yet still offer the versatility of enabling more in-depth evaluation and programming capability.

MultiTest 50-i

A big move for Mecmesin's force measurement capabilities. The MultiTest 50-i is a computer-controlled force test system capable of measuring up to 50kN, offering full programmable control to the operator and comprehensive test evaluation tools.


Used by health practitioners and sports personnel to measure isometric muscle strength, this small instrument is a useful tool in determining recovery from injury, effects of training or discovery of illness utilising the constant score method of muscular strength evaluation.

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Thursday 2 December 2010

5 key points of compression testing

Compression testing can be a critically important product quality indicator, so knowing a bit more about what it is could be very useful.

Our feature article, represented within the US Quality magazine, helps unravel the confusion surrounding compression measurement and provides some key points to help anyone get to grips with the topic.

Find out...

  • What a compression test is
  • The types of compression test - flexure or bend test, spring test, top-load or crush test
  • The theory behind compression measurement, including Hooke's Law and Young's Modulus
  • What to consider before making a compression test
  • How a typical compression test is performed

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