Thursday 23 June 2011

Mecmesin Appoints New Export Sales Co-ordinator

We’ve just appointed a new Export Sales Co-ordinator. 33 year-old Ben Mitson has been brought on board as result of increasing demand for our quality control testing systems.

Ben speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys working at Mecmesin because people here are enthusiastic: “It’s nice to see people who are really passionate about what they do. At Mecmesin, they really care about their customers and their products. Before coming here, I hadn’t realised that everything needs to be quality tested by manufacturers to protect consumers but being here has really opened my eyes to that. It’s nice to be based in Sussex which is a beautiful part of the world but having offices in America, France, Thailand and China and a worldwide network of distributors makes for a truly international atmosphere.”

He went on to say: “In the role of Export Sales Co-ordinator, I am looking forward to communicating with customers and distributors around the world and I would like to develop the Latin American markets. I lived in Barcelona for nearly 11 years, so I am keen to use my language skills in this role. I’m also planning to learn Portuguese which will be essential for communicating with our Brazilian clients and distributors.”

The Managing Director of Mecmesin, John Page, says: “This year has seen a steady growth of exports at Mecmesin and we are very pleased that Ben Mitson has joined the company. Already more than 70% of our revenue comes from exports, so it’s an important role within the company. We are hoping to expand our international markets, especially the emerging markets which are just beginning to realise the true value of taking quality control seriously if they are to compete with other manufacturers globally.”

Mecmesin currently employs more than 60 people in its UK headquarters but is looking to recruit more engineers.