Friday 18 May 2012

Torque testing at Água de Luso

Why does one of Portugal’s oldest and most famous mineral water companies use a Mecmesin digital torque tester? At the Água Luso bottling plant in Luso, Portugal, bottles are routinely tested for correct closure torque. Capping machines must cap bottles at a torque that provides a quality-assuring, leak-preventing seal but allows persons of ordinary strength access to the bottle’s contents. No bottler wants leakers: product is lost, transportation and storage become messy, and retailers will complain. Worse still, a degraded product could become a health hazard to the consumer, with ramifications for company image and sales. A quick, easily performable torque test provides an effective solution. Mecmesin's Tornado digital torque tester is a compact, portable, extremely usable device that offers packaging manufacturers line-side pass/fail and tamper-evident (slip and bridge torque) testing capability. Get the details here.

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