Thursday 2 February 2017

Dedicated Expert Closure Testing Microsite

Closure testing microsite for users and manufacturers

Mecmesin has launched a new microsite,, for manufacturers and end users of packaging closures, collecting our knowledge and experience in delivering quality testing solutions into one easily accessible resource.

Plastic, metal or cork? Torque, force or both?

Mecmesin's closure testing expertise all in one place
Multiple devices for multiple closures
Visitors can select the closure material and test type relevant to their industry to be guided to the range of Mecmesin products suited to their application—from simple manual testers through to complete automated systems.

All of this expertise is available via a responsive design, equally accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop browsing devices. Closure testing products.

Customer success stories

Mecmesin has supplied test solutions to customers in all consumer packaging industries;

  • drinks (including wines and spirits), 
  • cosmetics and personal care, 
  • food/dairy, 
  • household/industrial, 
  • medical/pharmaceutical.  

The site brings together how our closure testing capabilities have benefitted OEMs and producers of the final packaged product.

In-depth videos also collects together our informative and in-depth videos covering test standards related specifically to caps and closures, how to ensure the best possible accuracy and repeatability in measuring test data, plus product overviews.
Of particular importance in the measurement of screw cap removal or application torque, is consistent gripping of the closure, and we recommend using a mandrel to eliminate distortion and inaccuracy of results. See our video here.