Wednesday 5 March 2014

Testing industry small-torque

Mecmesin has announced the Helixa precision torque tester range, which is a significant development in the torque testing of finely-engineered components. This new stand is designed to allow precise, concentric alignment of the test sample to the torque cell, resulting in an unparalleled accuracy of measurement down to just a few mN.m. The highest capacity torque cell available for the Helixa is rated at 6 N.m.
Additional key features include a counterbalancing mechanism to remove axial forces due to the torque cell and fixtures, plus if required, a top-load platen that can be used to apply a specific static axial force, should the test procedure require it.
We already have customers taking advantage of Helixa’s leading-edge features, which make it an ideal solution in a range of industries where the measurement of low to medium torque values is paramount. Example products and components in the medical, cosmetics, electronics and precision engineering fields include:
  • Luer fittings (slip and lock)
  • dosage-dial drug delivery devices (e.g. insulin pens)
  • light and miniature torsion springs
  • electronics rotary controls and components
  • fine and high-performance bearings
  • child-resistant closures (CRCs)
  • cosmetics twist-dispensers (e.g. lipsticks)

The Helixa-i is the PC-controlled version, driven by Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ software, and the Helixa-xt is the stand-alone model controlled from an integral touch-screen console.

Find out more from the Helixa video