Thursday 7 February 2013

A Rocket man?

Send a colleague into space?

"But all this science - I don't understand,  Its just my job five days a week..."

(Rocket  Man     B Taupin,   E John)

Dr. Pat Collins, Mecmesin's Technical services manager, has entered a competition to win a place on the space tourism company's SPACEXC  flight into space.  Taking off from an extended runway like a conventional aircraft, the lucky winner will be breaking the sound barrier in 60 seconds.  The special craft climbs rapidly  to a altitude of 103 km, and by following a parabolic flight-path will experience a short period of weightlessness.  During the return to earth, there will be a rapid acceleration resulting in 10-20 second spent at high "g" force.  Well, Pat knows all about force, but "Feeling the Force will be an entirely new experience. 
I think this would beat Pat's normal daily commute to the Mecmesin group headquarters in Slinfold West Sussex where only the cost of petrol is stratospheric.

Please help Pat by following this link and register a vote at:
Of course if Pat were to win the competition he would still have to pass the physical.

"And I think its gonna be a long, long time..." 

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