Thursday 8 February 2018

Jennifer Colins, Software Test Engineer

In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science day on Feb 11 2018, we asked Jennifer Collins, Software Test Engineer at Mecmesin about her career choice:

"A desire to understand how things work, a willingness to problem solve and an independent minded personality enabled me to achieve a career which encompassed Computer/Network Support and Software Testing.  
A Bachelor’s degree in an arts-related field, a career started in a traditionally defined gender role, even motherhood (twice!) has not placed insurmountable barriers to my moving into, and working in, Technology and Engineering departments where I have often started out as the only woman on the team.   
However finding my final chosen career would have been easier with greater opportunities and encouragement when choosing my educational path.  As a mother of young girls I encourage my daughters to challenge positively, question, problem solve and be independently minded however it is they themselves who have to challenge the stereotypes perpetuated by their own peer groups so that they can choose an educational path and a career which is one they find personally fulfilling."

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