Friday 1 July 2011

Farewell MultiTest 50-xt

We’ve just sent our very first MultiTest 50-xt out to a customer.

This massive twin-column tension and compression testing system with its easy-to-use touch screen console, is suitable for testing tougher, larger products and samples across a broad range of industries from aerospace to packaging, construction to textiles.

With the MultiTest 50-xt, tension and compression tests are performed at the push of a button, making it ideal for routine quality control of products, material and components.

It’s specifically designed for environments where throughput, productivity and minimal training are vital and where the use of a computer is not always suitable.

Rated up to 50000N (11,000 lbf), the MultiTest 50-xt is 1931mm (76”) tall, with space to fit a sample of 1330mm (52.4”)* and has a crosshead travel of 1100mm.   Machine guards to protect operators and column gaiters to shield the test frame from small components/dust are available on request.

*measured without loadcell or grips.

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