Tuesday 31 May 2011

Truly International Interpack

The Interpack exhibition went “extremely well” this year and was “very international in feel” according to the Mecmesin team who manned the stand. The team was struck by the fact that there were more visitors from across the globe than ever before. This year there were buyers from as far afield as Senegal, Ghana, El Salvador and Guatemala. Dave put this down to the fact that buyers from emerging markets were probably beginning to have a greater realisation that quality control was a necessity not a luxury.

Visitors to the stand, many of whom were interested in the torque testing of bottling and capping,  were shown the new Vortex-xt, the Tornado, the MultiTest 2.5-xt, the MultiTest-25-i and the MultiTest 1-d.

According to Declan, at one point a straight-talking, no-nonsense type of Australian approached the stand and demanded an impromptu demonstration of the MultiTest-xt.  This canny Antipodean was the owner of a company that made medical devices and he had brought his sutures half way round the world to find the best testing equipment for his samples.

Undaunted by the thought of a live demo in front of a crowd, Dave and Declan went to work. They attached the thread to the needle and then tested the tensile strength of the sutures. The medical device manufacturer was so delighted by the results that he asked them to do yet more testing. This time he wanted to see if the MultiTest-xt could carry out a series of peel tests. Again, the Mecmesin machinery performed admirably.  After the tests were completed, the manufacturer just smiled and asked for the contact details of the Mecmesin distributor in Australia.

Apparently a lot of people who came to the stand asked where Mecmesin machines were made.  When the team told them that they were made in the UK, they were really impressed and said, “that’s great” or words to that effect.  It seems that Britain still has an enviable reputation for quality throughout the world and that’s always good to know. 
Mecmesin stand at Interpack 2011

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