Thursday 8 March 2018

Apprentice Life at Mecmesin 

Kara, Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Mecmesin apprentices get hands on work experience
Kara working on product brochure assets
University isn’t for everyone and having worked within a digital marketing role for almost two years prior to joining Mecmesin I was keen not to be ‘pigeon-holed’ within the industry. In hope to grow and strengthen my skill-set I joined as an apprentice, which would not only give me a role to fulfil this but also a qualification I could take forward with me.  

Although on release to college one day a week, my role at Mecmesin was not limited. Throughout completing my apprenticeship training I was given the opportunity to get hands on experience in areas that coincided with my study. As a global company with multiple subsidiaries Mecmesin has given me the perfect foundation to work across a breadth of projects providing the varied role I’d been craving!

Responsibilities in the Marketing Department

Apprentice experience includes producing marketing collateral
The published work
Having now developed within my role, I am responsible for the contribution, maintenance, and development of digital projects and campaigns across; Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media. From these campaigns I am tasked with monitoring key performance indicators and producing reports to demonstrate effective return on investment – something I find very rewarding as it allows me to see exactly how my efforts are benefiting the company. 

Full time career

Apprentice experience at product launch events
Product launch at Control 2017
Despite my apprenticeship programme being purely based on the digital aspect of marketing, I was also given the chance to assist with the organisation of exhibitions. This has introduced me to a whole new aspect of marketing, and really helped to build my confidence after I attended the launch of our new product range at the Control show in Germany May last year.  

Originally this role was a placement that allowed me to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing, but now it is a role that is growing with me and I am a happy full-time employee. 

Check out our careers page for apprenticeship opportunities!

Thursday 8 February 2018

Jennifer Colins, Software Test Engineer

In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science day on Feb 11 2018, we asked Jennifer Collins, Software Test Engineer at Mecmesin about her career choice:

"A desire to understand how things work, a willingness to problem solve and an independent minded personality enabled me to achieve a career which encompassed Computer/Network Support and Software Testing.  
A Bachelor’s degree in an arts-related field, a career started in a traditionally defined gender role, even motherhood (twice!) has not placed insurmountable barriers to my moving into, and working in, Technology and Engineering departments where I have often started out as the only woman on the team.   
However finding my final chosen career would have been easier with greater opportunities and encouragement when choosing my educational path.  As a mother of young girls I encourage my daughters to challenge positively, question, problem solve and be independently minded however it is they themselves who have to challenge the stereotypes perpetuated by their own peer groups so that they can choose an educational path and a career which is one they find personally fulfilling."

Find out more about careers at Mecmesin.

Emily Swinburne, Mechanical Design Engineer

In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science day on Feb 11 2018, we asked Emily Swinburne, Mechanical Design Engineer at Mecmesin about her career choice:

"As someone who has always been very good with numerical based subjects, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) career was a logical choice. Engineering became a focus quite early on in my life after I found myself wondering how things work far more often than why. I was fortunate enough to have a family that actively encouraged my inquisitiveness, a primary school that sought to engage me intellectually far beyond the standard curriculum and, a very forward thinking all girls high school that placed a heavy emphasis on STEM subjects. The latter was greatly helped by its specialist status in engineering.

I recognise that despite my fortunate early experiences, the gender bias is still prominent in STEM fields. I studied on a vastly male dominated degree course and currently work in a male dominated department. However, the gap is closing and, more importantly, the attitude towards women in these fields is changing too.

At Mecmesin, I have been given the opportunity to work on a large number of projects in a very short span of time. The variety presented ensures no two days are the same and the company's use of both traditional machined solutions as well as 3D printed ones opens up design approaches that I would have never considered during my time at university."

Thursday 9 March 2017

Sussex Super Growth Award 2017 for Mecmesin

Top 50 place for Mecmesin

Mecmesin is one of the top 50 growing companied in Sussex 2017
John Page receiving Mecmesin's award
From over 80,000 business in Sussex, Mecmesin is proud to have a top 50 place in the 2017 Sussex Super Growth Awards 2017.

The event hosted the top 60 shortlisted companies, from over 80,000 employing more than 650,000 in our region.

Mecmesin is celebrating its 40 year anniversary in 2017 and this recognition shows how our local business is continuing to drive rising demand, increase employment and generate prosperity in the Sussex area. 

A global local company

Mecmesin launched the MultiTest-dV range in 2016
MultiTest-dV - one of our newest products
No doubt our unique blend of local knowledge matched with our global presence was a major attribute in bringing Mecmesin to the attention of the organisers.

We have launched several new products in 2016 and have plans for more in 2017 and beyond.

Our growing business often needs new recruits to continue our expansion - see our careers page for the latest vacancies.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Dedicated Expert Closure Testing Microsite

Closure testing microsite for users and manufacturers

Mecmesin has launched a new microsite,, for manufacturers and end users of packaging closures, collecting our knowledge and experience in delivering quality testing solutions into one easily accessible resource.

Plastic, metal or cork? Torque, force or both?

Mecmesin's closure testing expertise all in one place
Multiple devices for multiple closures
Visitors can select the closure material and test type relevant to their industry to be guided to the range of Mecmesin products suited to their application—from simple manual testers through to complete automated systems.

All of this expertise is available via a responsive design, equally accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop browsing devices. Closure testing products.

Customer success stories

Mecmesin has supplied test solutions to customers in all consumer packaging industries;

  • drinks (including wines and spirits), 
  • cosmetics and personal care, 
  • food/dairy, 
  • household/industrial, 
  • medical/pharmaceutical.  

The site brings together how our closure testing capabilities have benefitted OEMs and producers of the final packaged product.

In-depth videos also collects together our informative and in-depth videos covering test standards related specifically to caps and closures, how to ensure the best possible accuracy and repeatability in measuring test data, plus product overviews.
Of particular importance in the measurement of screw cap removal or application torque, is consistent gripping of the closure, and we recommend using a mandrel to eliminate distortion and inaccuracy of results. See our video here.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

PCB Copper Track 90 Degree Peel Test on State-Of-The Art Substrate Material

Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd. produce a unique, technologically-advanced substrate for the thermal management of electronic components, such as metal-backed printed circuit boards (MBPCB). The company can now perform IPC-TM-650 peel testing in-house with the Mecmesin MultiTest UTM and 90 degree assisted peel table.
Read more in our case study.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Meet Ben Goldthorpe from our UK sales team

Role At Mecmesin

Ben Goldthorpe is one of our team of technical sales professionals, based at Slinfold, UK. He is responsible for Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland - with a view to developing Mecmesin's presence in these and additional countries in the future.

Past Experience

Ben is a highly motivated and professional Sales Representative with wide ranging experience of both field and office-based sales. He has a wealth of experience gained in manufacturing operations, involving Hydronic and electric heating systems and the Computer Software sectors.

Recent Activity at Mecmesin

  • Supply of torque testers to the beverage industry (Tornado and  Orbis digital torque testers) for Quality Control departments checking drink bottles are tightened to the correct torque.
  • Supply of motorised test stands (Vortex-d) for a pharmaceutical laboratory: testing closures for closing and opening of medicine bottles.
  • Product training for Kyocera Unimerco staff (Mecmesin Distributor for Denmark).
  • Working with LaboChema in the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia.